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fixed-point: done with mix_pitch_and_residual() though a bit of cleaning up

wouldn't hurt
parent 1ca07225
......@@ -59,6 +59,29 @@ static inline float approx_inv(float x)
#define approx_inv(x) (1.f/(x))
#define C0 3634
#define C1 21173
#define C2 -12627
#define C3 4204
static inline celt_word32_t celt_sqrt(celt_word32_t x)
int k;
//printf ("%d ", x);
celt_word32_t rt;
/* ((EC_ILOG(x)-1)>>1) is just the int log4(x) (EC_ILOG returns log2 + 1) */
k = ((EC_ILOG(x)-1)>>1)-6;
x = VSHR32(x, (k<<1));
rt = ADD16(C0, MULT16_16_Q14(x, ADD16(C1, MULT16_16_Q14(x, ADD16(C2, MULT16_16_Q14(x, (C3)))))));
rt = VSHR32(rt,7-k);
//printf ("%d\n", rt);
return rt;
#define celt_sqrt sqrt
/** Takes the pitch vector and the decoded residual vector (non-compressed),
applies the compression in the pitch direction, computes the gain that will
give ||p+g*y||=1 and mixes the residual with the pitch. */
......@@ -66,7 +89,7 @@ static void mix_pitch_and_residual(int *iy, celt_norm_t *X, int N, int K, celt_n
int i;
celt_word32_t Ryp, Ryy, Rpp;
float g;
celt_word32_t g;
VARDECL(celt_norm_t *y);
int yshift = 14-EC_ILOG(K);
......@@ -99,10 +122,10 @@ static void mix_pitch_and_residual(int *iy, celt_norm_t *X, int N, int K, celt_n
Ryy = MAC16_16(Ryy, y[i],y[i]);
/* g = (sqrt(Ryp^2 + Ryy - Rpp*Ryy)-Ryp)/Ryy */
g = (sqrt(MULT16_16(PSHR32(Ryp,14),PSHR32(Ryp,14)) + Ryy - MULT16_16(PSHR32(Ryy,14),PSHR32(Rpp,14))) - PSHR32(Ryp,14))/Ryy;
g = DIV32(SHL32(celt_sqrt(MULT16_16(PSHR32(Ryp,14),PSHR32(Ryp,14)) + Ryy - MULT16_16(PSHR32(Ryy,14),PSHR32(Rpp,14))) - PSHR32(Ryp,14),14),PSHR32(Ryy,14));
for (i=0;i<N;i++)
X[i] = P[i] + NORM_SCALING*g*y[i];
X[i] = P[i] + MULT16_32_Q14(y[i], g);
/** All the info necessary to keep track of a hypothesis during the search */
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