Using OPUS_MOVE() instead of OPUS_COPY() to move redundancy bytes

memcpy() aliasing bug caught by Felicia's encoder fuzzing test
parent 8ac5d899
......@@ -2196,7 +2196,7 @@ opus_int32 opus_encode_native(OpusEncoder *st, const opus_val16 *pcm, int frame_
/* Put CELT->SILK redundancy data in the right place. */
if (redundancy && celt_to_silk && st->mode==MODE_HYBRID && st->use_vbr)
OPUS_COPY(data+ret, data+nb_compr_bytes, redundancy_bytes);
OPUS_MOVE(data+ret, data+nb_compr_bytes, redundancy_bytes);
nb_compr_bytes = nb_compr_bytes+redundancy_bytes;
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