Commit ce1173c7 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin

Fixes use of uninitialized values in dynalloc_analysis()

parent cbb75ccb
......@@ -981,9 +981,9 @@ static opus_val16 dynalloc_analysis(const opus_val16 *bandLogE, const opus_val16
tmp = median_of_3(&bandLogE2[c*nbEBands])-offset;
f[0] = MAX16(f[0], tmp);
f[1] = MAX16(f[1], tmp);
tmp = median_of_3(&bandLogE2[c*nbEBands+nbEBands-3])-offset;
f[nbEBands-2] = MAX16(f[nbEBands-2], tmp);
f[nbEBands-1] = MAX16(f[nbEBands-1], tmp);
tmp = median_of_3(&bandLogE2[c*nbEBands+end-3])-offset;
f[end-2] = MAX16(f[end-2], tmp);
f[end-1] = MAX16(f[end-1], tmp);
for (i=0;i<end;i++)
f[i] = MAX16(f[i], noise_floor[i]);
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