Commit cfaf1478 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin

Make the CELT background noise estimator adapt more quickly on DTX update

parent 77cf9eda
......@@ -1030,10 +1030,18 @@ int celt_decode_with_ec(CELTDecoder * OPUS_RESTRICT st, const unsigned char *dat
/* In case start or end were to change */
if (!isTransient)
opus_val16 max_background_increase;
OPUS_COPY(oldLogE2, oldLogE, 2*nbEBands);
OPUS_COPY(oldLogE, oldBandE, 2*nbEBands);
/* In normal circumstances, we only allow the noise floor to increase by
up to 2.4 dB/second, but when we're in DTX, we allow up to 6 dB
increase for each update.*/
if (st->loss_count < 10)
max_background_increase = M*QCONST16(0.001f,DB_SHIFT);
max_background_increase = QCONST16(1.f,DB_SHIFT);
for (i=0;i<2*nbEBands;i++)
backgroundLogE[i] = MIN16(backgroundLogE[i] + M*QCONST16(0.001f,DB_SHIFT), oldBandE[i]);
backgroundLogE[i] = MIN16(backgroundLogE[i] + max_background_increase, oldBandE[i]);
} else {
for (i=0;i<2*nbEBands;i++)
oldLogE[i] = MIN16(oldLogE[i], oldBandE[i]);
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