Commit d0316201 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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fixed-point: second check-point on quant_energy_mono()

parent 43b3537d
......@@ -107,16 +107,22 @@ static void quant_energy_mono(const CELTMode *m, celt_ener_t *eBands, celt_word1
for (i=0;i<m->nbEBands;i++)
int q2;
float offset = Q8_1*(error[i]+QCONST16(.5f,8))*frac[i];
float offset2;
celt_word16_t offset = (error[i]+QCONST16(.5f,8))*frac[i];
/* FIXME: Instead of giving up without warning, we should degrade everything gracefully */
if (ec_enc_tell(enc, 0) - bits +EC_ILOG(frac[i])> budget)
q2 = (int)floor(offset);
/* Has to be without rounding */
q2 = offset>>8;
q2 = (int)floor(Q8_1*offset);
if (q2 > frac[i]-1)
q2 = frac[i]-1;
ec_enc_uint(enc, q2, frac[i]);
offset = ((q2+.5)/frac[i])-.5;
oldEBands[i] += DB_SCALING*6.*offset;
offset = (Q8*(q2+.5)/frac[i])-QCONST16(.5f,8);
oldEBands[i] += PSHR32(MULT16_16(DB_SCALING*6,offset),8);
/*printf ("%f ", error[i] - offset);*/
for (i=0;i<m->nbEBands;i++)
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