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Be a bit less ambiguous about the comment framing bit

parent 1e0b6fd9
......@@ -1044,7 +1044,8 @@ The coeffients are in the same order as in <xref target="channel_mapping_1" />,
The comment header consists of a 64-bit magic signature, followed by data in
the same format as the <xref target="vorbis-comment"/> header used in Ogg
Vorbis (without the final "framing bit"), Ogg Theora, and Speex.
Vorbis, except (like Ogg Theora and Speex) the final "framing bit" is not
used for Ogg Opus.
<list style="numbers">
<t><spanx style="strong">Magic Signature</spanx>:
<vspace blankLines="1"/>
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