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Show how to turn off prediction with libopus

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......@@ -1299,8 +1299,16 @@ The drawback of this approach is that it creates a small discontinuity
An encoder MAY avoid this discontinuity by using the following procedure:
<list style="numbers">
<t>Encode the last frame of the first segment as an independent frame by
turning off all forms of inter-frame prediction.
De-emphasis is allowed.</t>
turning off all forms of inter-frame prediction.</t>
<figure align="center">
In encoders derived from the reference implementation, this can be done with:
<artwork align="center"><![CDATA[
opus_encoder_ctl(encoder_state, OPUS_SET_PREDICTION_DISABLED, 1);
<t>De-emphasis is allowed.</t>
<t>Set the granulepos of the last page to a point near the end of the last
<t>Begin the second segment with a copy of the last frame of the first
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