Commit e0c00e27 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Commit 99968abb was causing us to allocate too much stack in the MDCT

parent e43a0abe
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ void clt_mdct_forward(const mdct_lookup *l, kiss_fft_scalar *in, kiss_fft_scalar
N4 = N>>2;
ALLOC(f, N2, kiss_fft_scalar);
ALLOC(f2, N2, kiss_fft_cpx);
ALLOC(f2, N4, kiss_fft_cpx);
/* Consider the input to be composed of four blocks: [a, b, c, d] */
/* Window, shuffle, fold */
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