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ietf doc: fine energy

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......@@ -321,7 +321,14 @@ implemented in ec_laplace_encode() (<xref target="laplace.c">laplace.c</xref>).
<section anchor="fine-energy" title="Fine energy quantization">
After the coarse
After the coarse energy quantization and encoding, the bit allocation is computed
(<xref target="allocation"></xref>) and the number of bits to use for refining the energy quantization is determined for each band. Let B_i be the number of fine energy bits
for band i, the refement is an integer f in the range [0,2^B_i-1]. The mapping between f
and the correction applied to the corse energy is equal to (f+1/2)/2^B_i - 1/2.
Remaining bits encoded at the end
</section> <!-- fine energy -->
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