1. 29 Jul, 2011 4 commits
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      Remove an unused variable. · 5b6791bf
      Ralph Giles authored
      Fix a warning on gcc 4.6. 'internal_sampling_rate_Hz' was
      replaced by 'bandwidth' in a10e8796 but the local variable
      holding the setting wasn't removed.
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      Enable automake's "silent rules" if they are available. · 5ccc1240
      Ralph Giles authored
      Automake version 1.11 and above provide a build mode where
      each build command is replaced by a single-line annotation.
      Since autotools build lines for libraries typically each fill
      an entire terminal screen, this mode makes it easier to keep
      track of build progress, and warnings stand out more clearly.
      For debugging the build process, the old behaviour can be
      recovered by running 'make V=1' at bulid time, or by passing
      --disable-silent-rules to configure.
      Since Automake 1.11 is still very recent, we only invoke
      the AM_SILENT_RULES macro if it is defined, allowing fallback
      to the old behaviour under previous versions of automake.
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      Fix a comment in frame count byte decoding. · bf79a080
      Ralph Giles authored
      A comment in opus_decode() said, "bit 6 is ignored" when in
      fact bit 6 is the padding flag, parsed in the previous block.
      The comment, and the previous one, are modified to reflect
      the current code.
  2. 25 Jul, 2011 3 commits
  3. 09 Jul, 2011 4 commits
  4. 08 Jul, 2011 5 commits
  5. 05 Jul, 2011 4 commits
  6. 17 Jun, 2011 3 commits
  7. 14 Jun, 2011 2 commits
  8. 11 Jun, 2011 2 commits
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      Merge remote branch 'repo/master' · 23b75af2
      Jean-Marc Valin authored
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      Addressing multiple LSF-related issues · f6e781ab
      Jean-Marc Valin authored
      - Merged the LPC stabilization from NLSF2A_stable.c into NLSF2A.c
      - The bandwidth expansion in NLSF2A() now operates on int32 LPC coefficients in
      Q17 domain (instead of int16 Q12 coefficients)
      - The function bwexpander_32() has a more precise way of updating the chirp
      variable (round to nearest, instead of round down)
      - Changed a few variables in NLSF_stabilize() from int16 to int32 to avoid signed
      wrap-around (no difference in results as the wrap-around would always be reversed
      - The LSF codebook for WB speech has a quantization stepsize of 0.15 (was 0.16).
      This doesn't break the bitstream, although it slightly limits quality of signals
      encoded with the old version and decoded with the new one (I can't really hear it
      and PESQ gives high scores as well).  I does improve handling of tonal signals.
      - As discussed: the Q-domain of the poly function is now in Q16 (was Q20)
      - As discussed: limiting the LSFs in NLSF_decode() to 0...32767
      - The silk_NLSF_DELTA_MIN values were lowered to deal with a possible future situation with less or no input HP filtering.
  9. 27 May, 2011 2 commits
  10. 26 May, 2011 5 commits
  11. 25 May, 2011 2 commits
  12. 21 May, 2011 1 commit
  13. 20 May, 2011 1 commit
  14. 19 May, 2011 2 commits
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      Squashed commit of the following: · 103302b3
      Jean-Marc Valin authored
      commit 5b64cf7c4d67af9050bc959996ef976ce6326888
      Author: Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin@octasic.com>
      Date:   Thu May 19 16:40:35 2011 -0400
          Fixes a few bugs introduced in the latest update
      commit b91eb86025d2de3c4cf04f4fb1aa48a28ad676a3
      Author: Timothy B. Terriberry <tterribe@xiph.org>
      Date:   Thu May 19 16:12:02 2011 -0400
          build_draft.sh fixes
      commit 0b10c30db7ad60ff7d4bfc1139bdb86e0543c035
      Author: Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin@octasic.com>
      Date:   Thu May 19 15:30:21 2011 -0400
          Fixes the draft build
      commit 164424cded5978e657105104e171ac202dde5e5b
      Author: Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin@octasic.com>
      Date:   Thu May 19 15:00:23 2011 -0400
          Updated build system
      commit 188d9fcba8c3a1b1ad67c67c430e1b37e3658a40
      Author: Koen Vos <koen.vos@skype.net>
      Date:   Thu May 19 17:14:57 2011 -0400
          SILK/Opus update