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      Fix malloc_hook warning on glibc 2.17 and later. · 4784e071
      Ralph Giles authored
      In glib 2.17 the __malloc_ptr define was removed in favour
      of using void* directly. Our declaration of mhook using this
      type for the second argument therefore rightly generates a warning
      on modern systems, since the type is assumed to be an int, which
      is too narrow to hold a pointer on 64 bit architectures.
      Since it was only ever a define we could use an #ifndef to define
      __malloc_ptr ourselves. However we only use it once, so using void*
      in the signature directly is cleaner. This should cause no problems
      on older systems where it will match either the void* or the char*
      (for non __STDC__ code) the define resolved to.