Commit 73909d7d authored by Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar Timothy B. Terriberry
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Note small inaccuracy in bitrate tracking.

In the non-seekable case, we'll undercount some bytes at the start
 of a new link.
Still thinking about the best way to address this, but leaving a
 comment so I don't forget.
parent 3abc3541
......@@ -1931,7 +1931,9 @@ static int op_fetch_and_process_page(OggOpusFile *_of,
/*If we didn't get any packets out of op_find_initial_pcm_offset(),
keep going (this is possible if end-trimming trimmed them all).*/
/*Otherwise, we're done.*/
/*Otherwise, we're done.
TODO: This resets bytes_tracked, which misses the header bytes
already processed by op_find_initial_pcm_offset().*/
if(OP_UNLIKELY(ret<0))return ret;
return 0;
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