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Fix up release checklist based on the v0.5 experience.

parent a3363262
......@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@ Win32 binaries:
- Copy .libs/libopusfile.a to the release dir.
- Copy .libs/libopusfile.dll.a to the release dir. (May not be needed?)
- Copy ./lib/libopusurl-0.dll, etc. to the release dir.
- Copy libogg/src/.libs/libogg-0.dll to the release dir.
- Copy opus/.libs/libopus-0.dll to the release dir.
- Copy any other dependent dlls
- Copy ./bin/*.ddl to the release dir for dependencies.
- Copy any other dependent dlls, e.g. on Fedora 20 I needed to copy
- Copy doc/latex/refman.pdf to opusfile-${version}-win32/opusfile-${version}.pdf
- Copy examples/.libs/*.exe to the release dir.
- Strip *.dll *.a *.exe in the release dir.
......@@ -65,6 +65,8 @@ Win32 binaries:
- Verify file permissions and that it's available at the expected
- Update links on <>.
- Add doc/latex/refman as docs/opusfile_api-${version}.pdf on
- Add doc/html as docs/opusfile_api-${version} on
Binary releases are copied manually to
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