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    • Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar
      Expose tag comparison functions. · 046b089d
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      It seems somewhat silly to have to write your own strcasecmp to
       satisfy the usage pattern found in opusfile_example: scanning the
       whole tags list and handling certain tags specially (as opposed to
       searching for specific tags, as opus_tags_query() does).
      Given that we were already using an equivalent function internally
       to implement opus_tags_query, just expose it directly.
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      Fix an uninitialized variable. · 8f26e5a1
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      Surprisingly, the actual initial value of this variable is
       irrelevant, since we always insert 24 bits of data into and then
       read only those bits out.
      However, fixing this still removes undefined behavior and removes
       extraneous register dependencies.
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    • Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar
      Add a gain control API. · 7aea3cae
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      A new op_set_gain_offset() allows the application to provide its own
       offset to the current decoder gain setting, as well as specify what
       offsets should be applied.
      The header gain alone is still the default, but the application may
       also request that the track gain be applied, or that neither be
      In addition, an op_get_track_gain() function can parse the track
       gain out of a set of comment tags.
      This is mainly provided as a convenience for applications that need
       this information, so they don't have to write their own parser.
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    • Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar
      Fix scan_build static analysis reports. · 737cbf57
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      Most of these were dead code left around from rewriting things and
       things llvm doesn't have enough global information to prove by
      The one real error was the missing NULL check in
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