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    Skip the last frame update for some frame repeats. · e5112b3a
    paulwilkins authored
    Where a frame appears to be a repeat of an earlier
    frame or frame buffer,  but the first pass code
    does not anticipate this (usually because it is matching
    the GF or ARF buffer not the last frame buffer), do not
    update the last frame buffer.
    This helps ensure that the content of the last frame buffer
    is kept "different" where possible, and not updated to
    match the GF or ARF. This is particularly helpful in some
    animated sequences where there are groups of repeating
    frames. Here it has quite a big impact. However, in most
    of our standard test clips it has little or no impact.
    Change-Id: I77332ee1a69f9ffc0c6080bfeb811c43fd8828e6