Commit 0b1606e7 authored by Nathan Egge's avatar Nathan Egge
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Only build deringing code when --enable-dering.

Change-Id: Icfd4654d2fe43ab4851cd86dfedf9639cd4abab3
parent e2511e15
......@@ -62,11 +62,13 @@ VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/vp10_fwd_txfm.h
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/vp10_fwd_txfm.c
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/clpf.c
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/clpf.h
ifeq ($(CONFIG_DERING),yes)
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/od_dering.c
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/od_dering.h
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/dering.c
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/dering.h
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-yes += common/odintrin.h
VP10_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_DSPR2) += common/mips/dspr2/itrans4_dspr2.c
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