Commit 2abfd8f9 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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endian_inl.h: fix mips32 android build

when configuring with mips32-android-gcc HAVE_MIPS32 would be set, but the
ndk does not set -mips32r2 for APP_ABI=mips which results in BSwap32 failing
to build; refine the check in endian_inl.h

Change-Id: I22893fe61f29111eb902d961b500b2174596268d
parent f1ecf63f
......@@ -63,6 +63,11 @@
#if HAVE_MIPS32 && defined(__mips__) && !defined(__mips64) && \
defined(__mips_isa_rev) && (__mips_isa_rev >= 2) && (__mips_isa_rev < 6)
#define VPX_USE_MIPS32_R2
static INLINE uint16_t BSwap16(uint16_t x) {
#if defined(HAVE_BUILTIN_BSWAP16)
return __builtin_bswap16(x);
......@@ -75,7 +80,7 @@ static INLINE uint16_t BSwap16(uint16_t x) {
static INLINE uint32_t BSwap32(uint32_t x) {
#if defined(VPX_USE_MIPS32_R2)
uint32_t ret;
__asm__ volatile (
"wsbh %[ret], %[x] \n\t"
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