Commit d747986d authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Remove redundant pointers from void vp9_recon_sb{y,uv}

Remove the unnecessary _s_ from their names, and add a new
vp9_recon_sb() that calls the y and uv variants.

Change-Id: I7ffaa5ff5605a8472cac2a53de8cf889353039a6
parent 17313c40
......@@ -50,11 +50,11 @@ void vp9_recon2b_c(uint8_t *pred_ptr, int16_t *diff_ptr, uint8_t *dst_ptr,
recon(4, 8, pred_ptr, stride, diff_ptr, 8, dst_ptr, stride);
void vp9_recon_sby_s_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, uint8_t *dst,
void vp9_recon_sby_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize) {
const int bw = 16 << mb_width_log2(bsize), bh = 16 << mb_height_log2(bsize);
int x, y;
const int stride = mb->block[0].dst_stride;
const int stride = mb->dst.y_stride;
uint8_t *dst = mb->dst.y_buffer;
const int16_t *diff = mb->plane[0].diff;
for (y = 0; y < bh; y++) {
......@@ -66,12 +66,13 @@ void vp9_recon_sby_s_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, uint8_t *dst,
void vp9_recon_sbuv_s_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, uint8_t *u_dst, uint8_t *v_dst,
void vp9_recon_sbuv_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize) {
const int bwl = mb_width_log2(bsize), bhl = mb_height_log2(bsize);
const int bw = 8 << bwl, bh = 8 << bhl;
int x, y;
const int stride = mb->block[16].dst_stride;
const int stride = mb->dst.uv_stride;
uint8_t *u_dst = mb->dst.u_buffer;
uint8_t *v_dst = mb->dst.v_buffer;
const int16_t *u_diff = mb->plane[1].diff;
const int16_t *v_diff = mb->plane[2].diff;
......@@ -88,6 +89,11 @@ void vp9_recon_sbuv_s_c(MACROBLOCKD *mb, uint8_t *u_dst, uint8_t *v_dst,
void vp9_recon_sb_c(MACROBLOCKD *xd, BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize) {
vp9_recon_sby(xd, bsize);
vp9_recon_sbuv(xd, bsize);
void vp9_recon_mby_c(MACROBLOCKD *xd) {
int i;
......@@ -84,11 +84,14 @@ specialize vp9_recon_mb
prototype void vp9_recon_mby "struct macroblockd *x"
specialize vp9_recon_mby
prototype void vp9_recon_sby_s "struct macroblockd *x, uint8_t *dst, enum BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize"
specialize vp9_recon_sby_s
prototype void vp9_recon_sb "struct macroblockd *x, enum BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize"
specialize vp9_recon_sb
prototype void vp9_recon_sbuv_s "struct macroblockd *x, uint8_t *udst, uint8_t *vdst, enum BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize"
specialize void vp9_recon_sbuv_s
prototype void vp9_recon_sby "struct macroblockd *x, enum BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize"
specialize vp9_recon_sby
prototype void vp9_recon_sbuv "struct macroblockd *x, enum BLOCK_SIZE_TYPE bsize"
specialize void vp9_recon_sbuv
prototype void vp9_build_intra_predictors "uint8_t *src, int src_stride, uint8_t *pred, int y_stride, int mode, int bw, int bh, int up_available, int left_available, int right_available"
specialize void vp9_build_intra_predictors
......@@ -2415,8 +2415,7 @@ static void encode_superblock(VP9_COMP *cpi, TOKENEXTRA **t,
default: assert(0);
vp9_recon_sby_s_c(xd, dst, bsize);
vp9_recon_sbuv_s_c(&x->e_mbd, udst, vdst, bsize);
vp9_recon_sb_c(xd, bsize);
if (bsize == BLOCK_SIZE_SB32X32) {
gather_nzcs_sb32(cm, &x->e_mbd);
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