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    Add improvements made in good-quality mode to real-time mode · 0e9a6ed7
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Several improvements we made in good-quality mode can be added
    into real-time mode to speed up encoding in speed 1, 2, and 3
    with small quality loss. Tests using tulip clip showed:
    --rt --cpu-used=-1
    (before change)
    PSNR: 38.028
    time: 1m33.195s
    (after change)
    PSNR: 38.014
    time: 1m20.851s
    --rt --cpu-used=-2
    (before change)
    PSNR: 37.773
    time: 0m57.650s
    (after change)
    PSNR: 37.759
    time: 0m54.594s
    --rt --cpu-used=-3
    (before change)
    PSNR: 37.392
    time: 0m42.865s
    (after change)
    PSNR: 37.375
    time: 0m41.949s
    Change-Id: I76ab2a38d72bc5efc91f6fe20d332c472f6510c9
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