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    Fix VP9_mode_order[] · 1407cf85
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Mis-merge of the following change managed to break mode order
    and delete two mode options (new alt ref and near alt ref)
    It also created a situation where we could test two undefined
    modes off the end of the VP9_mode_order[] data structure.
      "clang warnings : remove split and i4x4_pred fake modes"
      "Change Id: I8ef3c*"
    Initial testing on Akiyo at speed 2.
    101.35	 44.567	 44.447 improves to
    96.82	 44.915	 44.815
    Approx 0.3-0.4db gain and 2.5% size reduction
    Change-Id: Icff813e7c0778d140ad4f0eea18cf1ed203c4e34
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