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    Flexible support for various pattern searches · 15b5a6a2
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Adds a few pattern searches to achieve various tradeoffs
    between motion estimation complexity and performance.
    The search framework is unified across these searches so that a
    common pattern search function is used for all. Besides it will
    be easier to experiment with various patterns or combinations
    thereof at different scales in the future.
    The new pattern search is multi-scale and is capable of using
    different patterns at different scales.
    The new hex search uses 8 points at the smallest scale
    and 6 points at other scales.
    Two other pattern searches - big-diamond and square are
    also added. Big diamond uses 4 points at the smallest scale and
    8 points in diamond shape at the larger scales.
    Square is very similar conceptually to the default n-step search
    but is somewhat faster since it keeps only one survivor across
    all scales.
    Psnr/speed-up results on derf300:
    hex: -1.6% psnr%, 6-8% speed-up
    big-diamond: -0.96% psnr, 4-5% speedup
    square: -0.93% psnr, 4-5% speedup
    Change-Id: I02a7ef5193f762601e0994e2c99399a3535a43d2