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    Adds a new subpel motion function · 1ba91a84
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Adds a new subpel motion estimation function that uses a 2-level
    tree-structured decision tree to eliminate redundant computations.
    It searches fewer points than iterative search (which can search
    the same point multiple times) but has the same quality roughly.
    This is made the default setting at speeds 0 and 1, while at
    speed 2 and above only a 1-level search is used.
    Also includes various cleanups for consistency and redundancy removal.
    derf: +0.012% psnr
    stdhd: +0.09% psnr
    Speedup of about 2-3%
    Change-Id: Iedde4866f5475586dea0f0ba4cb7428fba24eee9