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    Added per pixel inter rd hit count stats · 1f4bf79d
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Added some code to output normalized rd hit count stats.
    In effect this approximates to the average number of rd
    operations/tests per pixel for the sequence.
    The results are not quite accurate and I have not bothered
    to account for partial SB64s at frame edges and for key frames
    However they do give some idea of the number of modes /
    prediction methods being tested for each pixel across the
    different partition sizes. This indicates how much scope their
    is for further gains either by reducing the number of partitions
    examined or the modes per partition through heuristics.
    Patch 3 moved place where count incremented so partial rd
    tests that are aborted with INT_MAX return are also counted.
    Example numbers for first 50 frames of Akiyo.
    Speed 0 ~84.4 rd operations / pixel
    Speed 1 ~28.8
    Speed 2 ~11.9
    Change-Id: Ib956e787e12f7fa8b12d3a1a2f6cda19a65a6cb8
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