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    New inter mode context · 2669f42b
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This change is a fix / extension of the newbestrefmv
    experiment. As such it is presented without IFDEF.
    The change creates a new context for coding inter modes
    in vp9_find_mv_refs(). This replaces the context that
    was previously calculated in vp9_find_near_mvs().
    The new context is unoptimized and not necessarily
    any better at this stage (results pending), but eliminates
    the need for a legacy call to vp9_find_near_mvs().
    Based on numbers from Scott, this could help decode
    speed by several %.
    In a later patch I will add support for forward update of
    context (assuming this helps) and refine the context as
    Change-Id: I1cd991b82c8df86cc02237a34185e6d67510698a
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