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    Modified mode skip functionality. · 4f660cc0
    Paul Wilkins authored
    A previous speed feature skipped modes not used in earlier
    partitions but this not longer worked as intended following
    changes to the partition coding order and in conjunction
    with some other speed features (Especially speed 2 and above).
    This modified mode skip feature sets a mask after the first X
    modes have been tested in each partition depending on the
    reference frame of the current best case.
    This patch also makes some changes to the order modes are
    tested to fit better with this skip functionality.
    Initial testing suggests speed and rd hit count improvements
    of up to 20% at speed 1. Quality results. (derf -1.9%, std hd  +0.23%).
    Change-Id: Idd8efa656cbc0c28f06d09690984c1f18b1115e1