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    MFQE: apply threshold to subblocks and chroma. · 8106df8f
    John Koleszar authored
    In cases where you have a flat background occluded by a moving object
    of similar luminosity in the foreground, it was likely that the
    foreground blocks would persist for a few frames after the background
    is uncovered. This is particularly noticable when the object has a
    different color than the background, so add the chroma planes in as an
    additional check.
    In addition, for block sizes of 8 and 16, the luma threshold is
    applied on four subblocks independently, which helps when only part of
    the background in the block has been uncovered.
    This fixes issue #392, which includes a test clip to reproduce the
    Change-Id: I2bd7b2b0e25e912dcac342e5ad6e8914f5afd302
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