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    Remove threading dependencies with --disable-multithread · 8df79e9d
    John Koleszar authored
    Avoid a pthreads dependency via pthread_once() when compiled with
    In addition, this synchronization is disabled for Win32 as well, even
    though we can be sure that the required primatives exist, so that the
    requirements on the application when built with --disable-multithread
    are consistent across platforms.
    Users using libvpx built with --disable-multithread in a multithreaded
    context should provide their own synchronization. Updated the
    documentation to vpx_codec_enc_init_ver() and vpx_codec_dec_init_ver()
    to note this requirement. Moved the RTCD initialization call to match
    this description, as previously it didn't happen until the first
    Change-Id: Id576f6bce2758362188278d3085051c218a56d4a
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