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    Adaptive motion control on ref and search range · a4ce53f1
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit takes a preliminary attempt to refine the motion search
    control. It detects the SAD associated with mv predictor per reference
    frame, and based on which to determine whether the encoder wants to
    reduce the motion search range (if the predicted mv provides fairly
    small SAD), or to skip the current reference frame (if there exists
    another ref frame that gives much smaller SAD cost).
    This feature is turned on in the settings of speed 1 and above.
    In speed 1, compression performance changed
    derf  -0.018%
    yt    -0.043%
    hd    -0.045%
    stdhd -0.281%
    pedestrian_area_1080p at 4000 kbps 100 frames
    199651ms -> 188846ms (5.5% speed-up)
    blue_sky_1080p at 6000 kbps
    443531ms -> 415239ms (6.3% speed-up)
    In speed 2, compression performance changed
    derf  -0.026%
    yt    -0.090%
    hd    -0.055%
    stdhd -0.210%
    pedstrian 113949ms -> 108855ms (4.5% speed-up)
    blue_sky  271057ms -> 257322ms (5% speed-up)
    Change-Id: I1b74ea28278c94fea329d971d706d573983d810d
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