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    Changes to adaptive inter rd thresholds. · aa5b67ad
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Values now carried over frame to frame.
    Change to algorithm for decreasing threshold after
    a hit and to max threshold (now based on speed)
    Removed some old commented out code relating to
    VP8 adaptive thresholds.
    The impact of these changes tested on Akiyo (50 frames)
    and measured in terms of unit rd hits is as follows:
    Speed 0 84.36 -> 84.67
    Speed 1 29.48 -> 22.22
    Speed 2 11.76 -> 8.21
    Speed 3 12.32 -> 7.21
    Encode speed impact is broadly in line with these.
    Change-Id: I5b886efee3077a11553fa950d796fd6d00c8cb19