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    Make coefficient skip condition an explicit RD choice. · af660715
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    This commit replaces zrun_zbin_boost, a method of biasing non-zero
    coefficients following runs of zero-coefficients to be rounded towards
    zero, with an explicit skip-block choice in the RD loop.
    The logic is basically that if individual coefficients should be rounded
    towards zero (from a RD point of view), the trellis/optimize loop should
    take care of it. If whole blocks should be zero (from a RD point of
    view), a single RD check is much more efficient than a complete
    serialization of the quantization loop.
    Quality change: derf +0.5% psnr, +1.6% ssim; yt +0.6% psnr, +1.1% ssim.
    SIMD for quantize will follow in a separate patch. Results for other
    test sets pending.
    Change-Id: Ife5fa641163ac5150ac428011e87188f1937c1f4
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