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    Adaptive motion search control · c4826c59
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables adaptive constraint on motion search range for
    smaller partitions, given the motion vectors of collocated larger
    partition as a candidate initial search point.
    It makes speed 0 runtime of bus at CIF and 2000 kbps goes from
    167s down to 162s (3% speed-up), at 0.01dB performance gains. In
    the settings of speed 1, this makes the runtime goes from 33687 ms
    to 32142 ms (4.5% speed-up), at 0.03dB performance gains.
    Compression performance wise, it gains at speed 1:
    derf  0.118%
    yt    0.237%
    hd    0.203%
    stdhd 0.438%
    Change-Id: Ic8b34c67810d9504a9579bef2825d3fa54b69454