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    Add mode info arrays and mode info index. · cdffeaaa
    hkuang authored
    In non frame-parallel decoding, this works the same way as
    current decoding scheme. Every time after decoder finish
    decoding a frame, it will swap the current mode info pointer
    and  previous mode info pointer if the decoded frame needs
    to be shown. Both mode info pointer and previous mode info
    pointer are from mode info arrays.
    In frame-parallel decoding, this will become more complicated
    as current frame's mode info pointer will be shared with next
    frame as previous mode info pointer. But when one decoder
    thread finishes decoding one frame and starts to work on next
    available frame, it needs to retain the decoded frame's mode
    info pointers until next frame finishes decoding. The mode info
    index will serve this purpose. The decoder will use different
    buffer in the mode info arrays and use the other buffer to save
    previous decoded frame’s mode info.
    Change-Id: If11d57d8eb0ee38c8876158e5482177fcb229428
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