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    Speed up motion estimation using small partitions' result(experiment) · df90d58f
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Current partition checking starts from small sizes, and then goes up
    to large sizes. This experiment uses the small partitions' motion
    estimation result, which is already available, to speed up the
    large partition's motion estimation. We can decide to skip some
    patition checkings if they are unlikely choices. We could use the
    motion vector(MV) result as current partition's prediction MV, limit
    the search range and reference frame.
    Current result at speed 1:
    psnr loss: 1.19% for stdhd, 0.287% for derf.
    speed gain: 14% for sunflower(hd), 11% for akiyo.
    Further improvement will be done later.
    Change-Id: I5abfd070e9cace2e91e2a0247d1325df313887ab