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    Auto min and max partition size experiment. · fe5e2a91
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Speed feature experiment to set an upper and lower
    partition size limit based on what has been seen
    in spatial neighbors.
    This seems to gives quite reasonable speed gains in local
    (10-15%) and when used with speed 0 the losses are small
    (0.25% derf, 0.35% stdhd). However, for now I am only
    enabling it on speed 1 as there may be clashes with the existing
    temporal partition selection in speed 2.
    Using a tighter min / max around the range derived from the
    neighbors increases speed further but at the cost of a
    bigger quality loss. However,  I think this spatial method could
    be combined with data from either the last frame or a variance
    method (or both) to refine the range of minimum and maximum
    partition size. I.e. consider the min and max from spatial and
    temporal neighbors and the variance recommendation.
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