Commit 08702002 authored by Johann Koenig's avatar Johann Koenig
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use asm_offsets with vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse3

on the same order as the sse2 fast quantize change: ~2%
except for 32bit. only a slight improvment there.

Change-Id: Iff80e5f1ce7e646eebfdc8871405458ff911986b
parent aec5487c
......@@ -9,38 +9,62 @@
%include "vpx_ports/x86_abi_support.asm"
%include "asm_enc_offsets.asm"
;int vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3(short *coeff_ptr
; short *qcoeff_ptr,short *dequant_ptr,
; short *round_ptr,
; short *quant_ptr, short *dqcoeff_ptr);
; void vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3 | arg
; (BLOCK *b, | 0
; BLOCKD *d) | 1
global sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3)
global sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3)
push rbp
mov rbp, rsp
%if ABI_IS_32BIT
push rdi
push rsi
%ifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,x64
push rdi
push rsi
; end prolog
mov rdx, arg(0) ;coeff_ptr
mov rdi, arg(3) ;round_ptr
mov rsi, arg(4) ;quant_ptr
movdqa xmm0, [rdx]
movdqa xmm4, [rdx + 16]
movdqa xmm2, [rdi] ;round lo
movdqa xmm3, [rdi + 16] ;round hi
%if ABI_IS_32BIT
mov rdi, arg(0) ; BLOCK *b
mov rsi, arg(1) ; BLOCKD *d
%ifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,x64
mov rdi, rcx ; BLOCK *b
mov rsi, rdx ; BLOCKD *d
;mov rdi, rdi ; BLOCK *b
;mov rsi, rsi ; BLOCKD *d
mov rax, [rdi + vp8_block_coeff]
mov rcx, [rdi + vp8_block_round]
mov rdx, [rdi + vp8_block_quant_fast]
; coeff
movdqa xmm0, [rax]
movdqa xmm4, [rax + 16]
; round
movdqa xmm2, [rcx]
movdqa xmm3, [rcx + 16]
movdqa xmm1, xmm0
movdqa xmm5, xmm4
psraw xmm0, 15 ;sign of z (aka sz)
psraw xmm4, 15 ;sign of z (aka sz)
; sz = z >> 15
psraw xmm0, 15
psraw xmm4, 15
pabsw xmm1, xmm1
pabsw xmm5, xmm5
......@@ -48,23 +72,24 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3):
paddw xmm1, xmm2
paddw xmm5, xmm3
pmulhw xmm1, [rsi]
pmulhw xmm5, [rsi + 16]
; quant_fast
pmulhw xmm1, [rdx]
pmulhw xmm5, [rdx + 16]
mov rdi, arg(1) ;qcoeff_ptr
mov rcx, arg(2) ;dequant_ptr
mov rsi, arg(5) ;dqcoeff_ptr
mov rax, [rsi + vp8_blockd_qcoeff]
mov rdi, [rsi + vp8_blockd_dequant]
mov rcx, [rsi + vp8_blockd_dqcoeff]
pxor xmm1, xmm0
pxor xmm5, xmm4
psubw xmm1, xmm0
psubw xmm5, xmm4
movdqa [rdi], xmm1
movdqa [rdi + 16], xmm5
movdqa [rax], xmm1
movdqa [rax + 16], xmm5
movdqa xmm2, [rcx]
movdqa xmm3, [rcx + 16]
movdqa xmm2, [rdi]
movdqa xmm3, [rdi + 16]
pxor xmm4, xmm4
pmullw xmm2, xmm1
......@@ -73,38 +98,37 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3):
pcmpeqw xmm1, xmm4 ;non zero mask
pcmpeqw xmm5, xmm4 ;non zero mask
packsswb xmm1, xmm5
pshufb xmm1, [ GLOBAL(zz_shuf)]
pshufb xmm1, [GLOBAL(zz_shuf)]
pmovmskb edx, xmm1
; xor ecx, ecx
; mov eax, -1
; shr edx, 1
; jc fq_skip
; mov eax, ecx
; inc ecx
; cmp ecx, 16
; jne find_eob_loop
xor rdi, rdi
mov eax, -1
xor dx, ax ;flip the bits for bsr
bsr eax, edx
movdqa [rsi], xmm2 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa [rsi + 16], xmm3 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa [rcx], xmm2 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa [rcx + 16], xmm3 ;store dqcoeff
sub edi, edx ;check for all zeros in bit mask
sar edi, 31 ;0 or -1
add eax, 1
and eax, edi ;if the bit mask was all zero,
;then eob = 0
mov [rsi + vp8_blockd_eob], eax
; begin epilog
%if ABI_IS_32BIT
pop rsi
pop rdi
%ifidn __OUTPUT_FORMAT__,x64
pop rsi
pop rdi
pop rbp
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
#endif /* HAVE_MMX */
......@@ -34,9 +34,21 @@ extern prototype_quantize_block(vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse2);
#undef vp8_quantize_fastquantb
#define vp8_quantize_fastquantb vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse2
#endif /* HAVE_SSE2 */
extern prototype_quantize_block(vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3);
#undef vp8_quantize_fastquantb
#define vp8_quantize_fastquantb vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3
#endif /* HAVE_SSSE3 */
#endif /* QUANTIZE_X86_H */
......@@ -112,21 +112,6 @@ static void subtract_b_sse2(BLOCK *be, BLOCKD *bd, int pitch)
int vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3(short *coeff_ptr,
short *qcoeff_ptr, short *dequant_ptr,
short *round_ptr,
short *quant_ptr, short *dqcoeff_ptr);
static void fast_quantize_b_ssse3(BLOCK *b, BLOCKD *d)
d->eob = vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_ssse3(
#if ARCH_X86_64
typedef void ssimpf
......@@ -307,7 +292,7 @@ void vp8_arch_x86_encoder_init(VP8_COMP *cpi)
cpi->rtcd.variance.subpixvar16x8 = vp8_sub_pixel_variance16x8_ssse3;
cpi->rtcd.variance.subpixvar16x16 = vp8_sub_pixel_variance16x16_ssse3;
cpi->rtcd.quantize.fastquantb = fast_quantize_b_ssse3;
cpi->rtcd.quantize.fastquantb = vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3;
#if ARCH_X86_64
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