Commit 17b2d631 authored by Paul Wilkins's avatar Paul Wilkins Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Adjust gf_group_error_left for arf groups."

parents cc8ea84d ee29b7e8
......@@ -1714,7 +1714,6 @@ static void define_gf_group(VP9_COMP *cpi, FIRSTPASS_STATS *this_frame) {
// Set the interval until the next gf or arf.
cpi->rc.baseline_gf_interval = i;
......@@ -1920,15 +1919,18 @@ static void define_gf_group(VP9_COMP *cpi, FIRSTPASS_STATS *this_frame) {
if (cpi->twopass.kf_group_bits < 0)
cpi->twopass.kf_group_bits = 0;
// Note the error score left in the remaining frames of the group.
// For normal GFs we want to remove the error score for the first frame
// of the group (except in Key frame case where this has already
// happened)
if (!cpi->rc.source_alt_ref_pending && cpi->common.frame_type != KEY_FRAME)
// If this is an arf update we want to remove the score for the
// overlay frame at the end which will usually be very cheap to code.
// For normal GFs remove the score for the GF itself unless this is
// also a key frame in which case it has already been accounted for.
if (cpi->rc.source_alt_ref_pending) {
cpi->twopass.gf_group_error_left = (int64_t)gf_group_err - mod_frame_err;
} else if (cpi->common.frame_type != KEY_FRAME) {
cpi->twopass.gf_group_error_left = (int64_t)(gf_group_err
- gf_first_frame_err);
} else {
cpi->twopass.gf_group_error_left = (int64_t)gf_group_err;
cpi->twopass.gf_group_bits -= cpi->twopass.gf_bits
- cpi->rc.min_frame_bandwidth;
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