Commit 195172cf authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje
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Fix frame number on which the mismatch is reported in vpxenc.

Change-Id: I962be949845f881df551d101708e6ba9d8a3d6a2
parent dd9d4f9e
......@@ -2240,7 +2240,7 @@ float usec_to_fps(uint64_t usec, unsigned int frames) {
static void test_decode(struct stream_state *stream, unsigned int frames_in) {
static void test_decode(struct stream_state *stream) {
vpx_codec_control(&stream->encoder, VP8_COPY_REFERENCE, &stream->ref_enc);
ctx_exit_on_error(&stream->encoder, "Failed to get encoder reference frame");
vpx_codec_control(&stream->decoder, VP8_COPY_REFERENCE, &stream->ref_dec);
......@@ -2250,8 +2250,8 @@ static void test_decode(struct stream_state *stream, unsigned int frames_in) {
&& !compare_img(&stream->ref_enc.img, &stream->ref_dec.img)) {
/* TODO(jkoleszar): make fatal. */
warn("Stream %d: Encode/decode mismatch on frame %d",
stream->index, frames_in);
stream->mismatch_seen = frames_in;
stream->index, stream->frames_out);
stream->mismatch_seen = stream->frames_out;
......@@ -2419,7 +2419,7 @@ int main(int argc, const char **argv_) {
FOREACH_STREAM(get_cx_data(stream, &global, &got_data));
if (got_data && global.test_decode)
FOREACH_STREAM(test_decode(stream, frames_in));
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