Commit 1c39c5b9 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Use aligned copy in 8x8 Hadamard transform SSE2"

parents fa428952 014fa452
......@@ -148,21 +148,21 @@ void vp9_hadamard_8x8_sse2(int16_t const *src_diff, int src_stride,
hadamard_col8_sse2(src, 0);
hadamard_col8_sse2(src, 1);
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[0]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[0]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[1]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[1]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[2]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[2]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[3]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[3]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[4]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[4]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[5]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[5]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[6]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[6]);
coeff += 8;
_mm_storeu_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[7]);
_mm_store_si128((__m128i *)coeff, src[7]);
void vp9_hadamard_16x16_sse2(int16_t const *src_diff, int src_stride,
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