Commit 2a5c46d8 authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Fix active_map speed 6.

Fix the interaction between active map and reuse_inter_pred_sby. The
reuse_inter_pred_sby feature expects inter predictors to already be
built, but blocks with active map on skip this step.

Change-Id: Ibb2bf0d228f678935d82a0ede9cb0919ab7c8878
parent e874aea7
......@@ -3613,7 +3613,7 @@ static void encode_superblock(VP9_COMP *cpi, TOKENEXTRA **t, int output_enabled,
vp9_setup_pre_planes(xd, ref, cfg, mi_row, mi_col,
if (!cpi->sf.reuse_inter_pred_sby)
if (!cpi->sf.reuse_inter_pred_sby || seg_skip)
vp9_build_inter_predictors_sby(xd, mi_row, mi_col, MAX(bsize, BLOCK_8X8));
vp9_build_inter_predictors_sbuv(xd, mi_row, mi_col, MAX(bsize, BLOCK_8X8));
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