Commit 2b2c0c9b authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Improve SSSE3 fast quantizer function

Simplified the EOB calculation in the function.

Change-Id: I7422f18be40ae270358f5cb0811d66e64436b56f
parent b510863f
......@@ -80,6 +80,9 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3):
mov rdi, [rsi + vp8_blockd_dequant]
mov rcx, [rsi + vp8_blockd_dqcoeff]
movdqa xmm2, xmm1 ;store y for getting eob
movdqa xmm3, xmm5
pxor xmm1, xmm0
pxor xmm5, xmm4
psubw xmm1, xmm0
......@@ -88,35 +91,30 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_ssse3):
movdqa [rax], xmm1
movdqa [rax + 16], xmm5
movdqa xmm2, [rdi]
movdqa xmm3, [rdi + 16]
pxor xmm4, xmm4
pmullw xmm2, xmm1
pmullw xmm3, xmm5
pcmpeqw xmm1, xmm4 ;non zero mask
pcmpeqw xmm5, xmm4 ;non zero mask
packsswb xmm1, xmm5
pshufb xmm1, [GLOBAL(zz_shuf)]
movdqa xmm0, [rdi]
movdqa xmm4, [rdi + 16]
pmovmskb edx, xmm1
pmullw xmm0, xmm1
pmullw xmm4, xmm5
pxor xmm1, xmm1
xor rdi, rdi
mov eax, -1
xor dx, ax ;flip the bits for bsr
bsr eax, edx
pcmpgtw xmm2, xmm1 ;calculate eob
pcmpgtw xmm3, xmm1
packsswb xmm2, xmm3
pshufb xmm2, [GLOBAL(zz_shuf)]
movdqa [rcx], xmm2 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa [rcx + 16], xmm3 ;store dqcoeff
pmovmskb edx, xmm2
movdqa [rcx], xmm0 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa [rcx + 16], xmm4 ;store dqcoeff
mov rcx, [rsi + vp8_blockd_eob]
sub edi, edx ;check for all zeros in bit mask
sar edi, 31 ;0 or -1
bsr eax, edx ;count 0
add eax, 1
and eax, edi ;if the bit mask was all zero,
;then eob = 0
cmp edx, 0 ;if all 0, eob=0
cmove eax, edx
mov BYTE PTR [rcx], al ;store eob
; begin epilog
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