Commit 32bb5110 authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Johann Koenig
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Revert "Enable pic (position independent code) config."

This reverts commit fbeee067.

The assembly which was failing has been fixed.


Change-Id: Ide75630b38603a2553f6e231085994251c77b26c
parent 8f47f705
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ set(CONFIG_LIBYUV 1 CACHE NUMBER "Enables libyuv scaling/conversion support.")
set(CONFIG_MSVS 0 CACHE NUMBER "Building with MS Visual Studio (detected).")
set(CONFIG_MULTITHREAD 1 CACHE NUMBER "Multithread support.")
set(CONFIG_OS_SUPPORT 0 CACHE NUMBER "Internal flag.")
set(CONFIG_PIC 1 CACHE NUMBER "Build with PIC enabled.")
set(CONFIG_PIC 0 CACHE NUMBER "Build with PIC enabled.")
set(CONFIG_RUNTIME_CPU_DETECT 1 CACHE NUMBER "Runtime CPU detection support.")
set(CONFIG_SHARED 0 CACHE NUMBER "Build shared libs.")
set(CONFIG_STATIC 1 CACHE NUMBER "Build static libs.")
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