Commit 3899315f authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Fix building for arm with Visual Studio 2013"

parents a24e2438 65f13afd
......@@ -859,6 +859,13 @@ EOF
disable_feature multithread
disable_feature unit_tests
if [ $vs_version -ge 12 ]; then
# MSVC 2013 doesn't allow doing plain .exe projects for ARM,
# only "AppContainerApplication" which requires an AppxManifest.
# Therefore disable the examples, just build the library.
disable_feature examples
......@@ -292,6 +292,18 @@ generate_vcxproj() {
tag_content ProjectGuid "{${guid}}"
tag_content RootNamespace ${name}
tag_content Keyword ManagedCProj
if [ $vs_ver -ge 12 ] && [ "${platforms[0]}" = "ARM" ]; then
tag_content AppContainerApplication true
# The application type can be one of "Windows Store",
# "Windows Phone" or "Windows Phone Silverlight". The
# actual value doesn't matter from the libvpx point of view,
# since a static library built for one works on the others.
# The PlatformToolset field needs to be set in sync with this;
# for Windows Store and Windows Phone Silverlight it should be
# v120 while it should be v120_wp81 if the type is Windows Phone.
tag_content ApplicationType "Windows Store"
tag_content ApplicationTypeRevision 8.1
close_tag PropertyGroup
tag Import \
......@@ -324,18 +336,10 @@ generate_vcxproj() {
if [ "$vs_ver" = "12" ]; then
if [ "$plat" = "ARM" ]; then
# Setting the wp80 toolchain automatically sets the
# WINAPI_FAMILY define, which is required for building
# code for arm with the windows headers. Alternatively,
# one could add AppContainerApplication=true in the Globals
# section and add PrecompiledHeader=NotUsing and
# CompileAsWinRT=false in ClCompile and SubSystem=Console
# in Link.
tag_content PlatformToolset v120_wp80
tag_content PlatformToolset v120
# Setting a PlatformToolset indicating windows phone isn't
# enough to build code for arm with MSVC 2013, one strictly
# has to enable AppContainerApplication as well.
tag_content PlatformToolset v120
tag_content CharacterSet Unicode
if [ "$config" = "Release" ]; then
......@@ -427,15 +431,25 @@ generate_vcxproj() {
if ${werror:-false}; then
tag_content TreatWarningAsError true
if [ $vs_ver -ge 11 ]; then
# We need to override the defaults for these settings
# if AppContainerApplication is set.
tag_content CompileAsWinRT false
tag_content PrecompiledHeader NotUsing
tag_content SDLCheck false
close_tag ClCompile
case "$proj_kind" in
open_tag Link
if [ "$name" != "obj_int_extract" ]; then
tag_content AdditionalDependencies "$curlibs"
tag_content AdditionalDependencies "$curlibs;%(AdditionalDependencies)"
tag_content AdditionalLibraryDirectories "$libdirs;%(AdditionalLibraryDirectories)"
tag_content GenerateDebugInformation true
# Console is the default normally, but if
# AppContainerApplication is set, we need to override it.
tag_content SubSystem Console
close_tag Link
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