Commit 4d052bdd authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Use hex search for realtime mode speed>4

Test showed using hex search in realtime mode largely speed up
encoding process, and still achieves similar quality like the
diamond search we have. Therefore, removed the diamond search

Change-Id: I975767d0ec0539f9f6ed7fdfc09506e39761b66c
parent 5a8cbb89
......@@ -980,11 +980,9 @@ void vp8_set_speed_features(VP8_COMP *cpi)
sf->auto_filter = 0; // Faster selection of loop filter
sf->search_method = HEX;
sf->search_method = DIAMOND;
//sf->search_method = DIAMOND;
sf->iterative_sub_pixel = 0;
cpi->mode_check_freq[THR_V_PRED] = 4;
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