Commit 56e8485c authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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darwin universal builds need BUILD_PFX

Universal builds create subdirectories for each target. Without
BUILD_PFX we only generated one vpx_rtcd.h instead of one for each.

Change-Id: I1caed4e018c8865ffc8da15e434cae2b96154fb4
parent a05bf133
......@@ -329,8 +329,8 @@ CLEAN-OBJS += $(BUILD_PFX)vpx_version.h
# Rule to generate runtime cpu detection files
$(OBJS-yes:.o=.d): vpx_rtcd.h
vpx_rtcd.h: $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/$(sort $(filter,$(CODEC_SRCS)))
$(OBJS-yes:.o=.d): $(BUILD_PFX)vpx_rtcd.h
$(BUILD_PFX)vpx_rtcd.h: $(SRC_PATH_BARE)/$(sort $(filter,$(CODEC_SRCS)))
@echo " [CREATE] $@"
$(qexec)$(SRC_PATH_BARE)/build/make/ --arch=$(TGT_ISA) \
--sym=vpx_rtcd \
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