Commit 5a667bfd authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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aom_lpf_horizontal_6_sse2(): fix valgrind warnings


Change-Id: I12d522c3704083bba5c4332031dff7a01fd7dfb3
parent ef8eb291
......@@ -2222,7 +2222,7 @@ void aom_lpf_vertical_6_sse2(unsigned char *s, int p,
const unsigned char *blimit,
const unsigned char *limit,
const unsigned char *thresh) {
DECLARE_ALIGNED(8, unsigned char, t_dst[38]);
DECLARE_ALIGNED(8, unsigned char, t_dst[38]) = { 0 };
unsigned char *src[1];
unsigned char *dst[1];
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