Commit 69ae8f47 authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by John Koleszar
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Skip unnecessary search of identical frames

vp8_get_compressed_data() was defeating logic in
encode_frame_to_datarate() that determined the reference buffers to
search and forcing all frames to be eligible to search. In cases
where buffers have identical contents, this is unnecessary extra

Change-Id: I9e667ac39128ae32dc455a3db4c62e3efce6f114
parent 63ccfbd5
......@@ -5209,8 +5209,6 @@ int vp8_get_compressed_data(VP8_PTR ptr, unsigned int *frame_flags, unsigned lon
// return to normal state
cpi->ref_frame_flags = VP8_ALT_FLAG | VP8_GOLD_FLAG | VP8_LAST_FLAG;
cm->refresh_entropy_probs = 1;
cm->refresh_alt_ref_frame = 0;
cm->refresh_golden_frame = 0;
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