Commit 75eb3afd authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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y4minput.c : uninitalized buffer caused garbage value warning

Change-Id: I613f521680b235726b2e0f78c068c0e5d7799f76
parent 26d973d1
......@@ -700,7 +700,7 @@ static void y4m_convert_null(y4m_input *_y4m, unsigned char *_dst,
int y4m_input_open(y4m_input *_y4m, FILE *_fin, char *_skip, int _nskip,
int only_420) {
char buffer[80];
char buffer[80] = {0};
int ret;
int i;
/*Read until newline, or 80 cols, whichever happens first.*/
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