Commit 7fa14f42 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Removing unused vp9_coeff_stats_model typedef."

parents a88a0e88 c982a73b
......@@ -207,9 +207,6 @@ typedef vp9_prob vp9_coeff_probs_model[REF_TYPES][COEF_BANDS]
typedef unsigned int vp9_coeff_count_model[REF_TYPES][COEF_BANDS]
typedef unsigned int vp9_coeff_stats_model[REF_TYPES][COEF_BANDS]
void vp9_model_to_full_probs(const vp9_prob *model, vp9_prob *full);
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