Commit 8b344375 authored by Dmitry Kovalev's avatar Dmitry Kovalev
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Replacing duplicated code with get_scan_and_band call.

Change-Id: I2cc3684f416a63dc99b9303109f9850f34a470d5
parent 3b7794f9
......@@ -667,6 +667,7 @@ static void txfm_rd_in_plane(MACROBLOCK *x,
const BLOCK_SIZE bs = get_plane_block_size(bsize, pd);
const int num_4x4_w = num_4x4_blocks_wide_lookup[bs];
const int num_4x4_h = num_4x4_blocks_high_lookup[bs];
const uint8_t *band_translate; // just for the get_scan_and_band call
struct rdcost_block_args args = { x, { 0 }, { 0 }, tx_size,
num_4x4_w, num_4x4_h,
......@@ -678,26 +679,9 @@ static void txfm_rd_in_plane(MACROBLOCK *x,
vp9_get_entropy_contexts(tx_size, args.t_above, args.t_left,
pd->above_context, pd->left_context,
num_4x4_w, num_4x4_h);
switch (tx_size) {
case TX_4X4:
get_scan_nb_4x4(get_tx_type_4x4(pd->plane_type, xd, 0),
&args.scan, &args.nb);
case TX_8X8:
get_scan_nb_8x8(get_tx_type_8x8(pd->plane_type, xd),
&args.scan, &args.nb);
case TX_16X16:
get_scan_nb_16x16(get_tx_type_16x16(pd->plane_type, xd),
&args.scan, &args.nb);
case TX_32X32:
args.scan = vp9_default_scan_32x32;
args.nb = vp9_default_scan_32x32_neighbors;
get_scan_and_band(xd, tx_size, pd->plane_type, 0, &args.scan, &args.nb,
foreach_transformed_block_in_plane(xd, bsize, plane, block_yrd_txfm, &args);
if (args.skip) {
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