Commit 9452dce1 authored by Attila Nagy's avatar Attila Nagy
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Fix ARM build problem introduced by CL I3fab6f2b

Update ARM asm implementation of vp8_start_encode to new definition.

Change-Id: Ic44791c969e351082331ba6146c3384c01a0dfad
parent 294777b9
......@@ -24,8 +24,9 @@
; r0 BOOL_CODER *br
; r1 unsigned char *source
; r2 unsigned char *source_end
|vp8_start_encode| PROC
str r2, [r0, #vp8_writer_buffer_end]
mov r12, #0
mov r3, #255
mvn r2, #23
......@@ -49,6 +49,7 @@ DEFINE(vp8_writer_value, offsetof(vp8_writer, value));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_count, offsetof(vp8_writer, count));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_pos, offsetof(vp8_writer, pos));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_buffer, offsetof(vp8_writer, buffer));
DEFINE(vp8_writer_buffer_end, offsetof(vp8_writer, buffer_end));
DEFINE(tokenextra_token, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, Token));
DEFINE(tokenextra_extra, offsetof(TOKENEXTRA, Extra));
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